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Hyper Japan 2010

Today I went to Hyper Japan at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. It was full of lolitas, cosplayers, hime gyarus, dolly-keis and general fans of Japan. The thing I was particularly interested in was the Kera fashion show, featuring Innocent World, Angelic Pretty and Sex Pot Revenge. It was very well pulled off, and all the models looked fabulous. Misako Aoki was there too, talking about the fashion and looking very cute (: Here is a picture of me and some models and Misako

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I got this Innocent World JSK with matching socks...I think it's so cute <3

Surprisingly they gave me this bag...

I really enjoyed the day though (:
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London MCM Expo 2010

Yesterday I attended the MCM Expo in London and I thought I would share with you some of the things I bought and some of the people I met there ♥

This is everything I bought: Fairy wings, Cute Paul Frank bag, eyeko mascara , Blue bow Phone/camera charm , Starry deco tape, Eyeko Make up , Hello Kitty bracelets ,Eyeko badges Cupcake bandages , Candy and Mimi rings , Eyeko stickers, Kamikaze girls DVD,and a free Eyeko tote bag. As you can tell, I like Eyeko makeup. If you like the look of their things, you should visit their website~
If you buy anything from them, please don't forget to quote my code, E8791 to say I referred you ^_

This was a girl in the Artist' Alley selling her work. She was wearing Starry Night Theatre by Angelic Pretty with loooooads of lovely rings, bracelets, bows and hair clips. She was from Germany too.

Weighted Companion Cube. Need I say more?

Close-up of the Eyeko mint and lilac nail polish~ I have wanted these colours for ages, so I was very happy to find them ♥

The baby blue heart bow charm ♥ It's on my camera now.
Anyway, I'm not going to put all the pictures up as the rest are just peoples' cosplays and whatnot.

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Updating you~ Missha Perfect Cover 21. Review!

I recently bought this cream from Korea, I heard it's meant to be really good. But what is this BB cream?
Basically, BB cream, also known as Blemish Balm or Blemish Base, is a cosmetic item sold in Korea that is supposed to lighten any scars you have for example from acne, clear up your skin, and give it a healthy glow. It also serves as a lighter, less cakey foundation~
I was worry for a while over the colour (as it only comes in 2 shades) and that it wouldn't suit my skin. When I ripped it from the packaging I was delighted to find it was an almost perfect match. It comes out a kind of greyish colour, but quickly sets to your skin colour. I wouldn't really recommend it for darker skinned girls as it is quite a light colour.

When I first smoothed it over my skin, it felt quite different from my usual foundation. It reminds me of a liquid foundation, but much less heavier. My skin felt smoother after applying, and it covered my blemishes pretty well.
Prolonged use is mean to clear up your skin, like I said before, so I'll keep you posted on it's progress ♥

P.S~ I also got these hair clips from Heidi Seeker. Aren't they adorable? ♥

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Bumpits Review (light brown)

At the weekend I picked up some 'Bumpits.' I have heard they are good for Hime Gyaru and Lolita styles so I thought I'd try them.
They come in a pretty striped box, in packs of 3 (small, medium and large) with a complimentary comb for backcombing. When I first inserted the Bumpit into my hair, I was impressed with how much volume I got as soon as I put it in. It stays in your hair with grip - teeth things so it shouldn't fall out if you were to tilt your head back. To cover up the teeth, you have to backcomb your hair at the crown of your head and then hairspray to keep everything in place. I find using kirby grips at the back and sides of my hair work well for keeping my hair up properly. It also came with a 'style guide' with a few ideas on cute ways to use Bumpits to create adorable hairstyles.
Overall, I think Bumpits are great if you want that 'bouffanted' look without so much harsh backcombing, for casual and formal occasions ♥

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We have had quite a few inches of snow this winter, and it has been so cold. Since I cannot get out because I have been spending my time reading,playing with make-up styles, talking, baking and sewing things like this pretty phone sock for my mobile:

I also managed to take this picture, before dropping my camera into about 6 inches of snow >_<

Things have been rather dull recently, I can't wait for spring ♥
I hope you have a lovely new year
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Not quite forgotten birthdays

The sunset skips down the road. I follow it.
The moon is pale and quiet in the late sky, the sun melting and sinking into the grass. I can't reach the dissappearing rays of golden light.
Red and yellow pansies sit, lined up across in windowboxes like teddy bears on a shelf.
The breeze whispers to me to keep running. I do.
Even beautiful things can be lamented.